lunedì 22 marzo 2010

Fellow bloggers, please, play fairly ;)

I enjoy following lot of fashion blogs around here, i like sharing infos with fellow bloggers and when in my blog I use infos i got from other blogs i say it!
So, please, do the same, don't steal infos from my blog without any links to it or don't just change locations coordinates from 137.233.31 to 138.234.31 to make them appear different.
Are you serious????
Be a good blogger, hunt, think, use your sources, get infos from other blogs (and give them to your in-world group) but be honest and mention them.
I hate it when i have to hunt almost a whole day to find some damn well hidden prizes or when i stalk lucky chairs for hours or when it takes lot of time to take pictures 'cause SL keeps on making me crash.........then i finally get to blog those items putting a lot of effort in it.......and after a few minutes i find out someone else used MY infos on their blog (especially but not only non English language ones) without even saying they got them from me!
I try to do my best when i write a post, i edit pictures, i check slurls twice to be sure i wrote them right, it NEVER takes 10 mins ( or 15 or 20) to me to create a new post.
So, please, play fairly and if you can't, then give up on fashion blogging here, you're not good at it.

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